Feel Great! Look Radiant!

When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless.  -Herophilus, ancient Greek physician


By the grace of the high heavens, you entered my life. I tell everyone how you have saved my life. I am doing great!  I have been walking 3 days/week for the past 2 weeks. 11 pounds down so I am happy with that!  I used to polish off a box or two of sweets; now I don't need it. And I don't feel deprived!  I'm thinking more about what to eat each day to be optimally healthy.

     I always enjoy talking with you.  You are so uplifting!  I used to be grumpy; now I have great positive energy -- like you! We [Diana and a friend she brought to My Wellness Club] both have a journey ahead of us but it is a journey to our radiant health!  Thank you so much for your support.  I am so jazzed!! Diana F, Sunnyvale, CA

Do you have the energy to play full out in the game of life? To enjoy your friends and family? To live your purpose, whatever that may be for you?
Would you like to slim down, lose a few inches? Minimize prescription medications? Get your body, mind, and spirit in tip top shape so that you can fully enjoy the life you deserve?

  We would love to help you enjoy radiant health! Here's what we offer:

  • personalized wellness plan.
  • Nutritional supplements made from naturally grown plants instead of chemical plants that produce synthetics based in coal tar and petroleum. (95% of supplements on the market are synthetic.)
  • A "wellness buddy" to help you build healthy habits: one call every week for the first month then one call per month thereafter.
  • You change a child's life! Your monthly supplement order triggers a nutritional donation (without any additional cost to you) to a child in need for a month, every month you nourish your own body.

What do you do? Just follow your plan!

Here's how it works:

1. It's simple. You Join! One of our leaders will contact you by phone and help you to create your own wellness plan. You'll start by considering what radiant health would mean for your life six months and ten years from now. Together we'll build a plan that helps you to get there and then support you in staying on track to it.

2. Membership includes the following:
  • A free customized wellness plan to help you build healthy habits and enjoy radiant health.
  • Your free personal wellness buddy to help you stay on track to your wellness plan. One call per week the first month, one call per month every month thereafter.
  • Nutritional Supplements (your choice) -The club uses only the highest quality, satisfaction guaranteed, natural food based supplements. Most popular are the:

** plus tax and shipping on customer monthly auto ship order.

  • Changing the life of a child. Your monthly membership triggers a donation of nutritional support to a child in need. For every $100 purchased on a monthly automatic order, you nourish a child for an entire month.
If, based on your wellness plan, you choose different supplementation, your cost may be lower or higher.  Because our nutritional supplement supplier guarantees satisfaction for up to 6 months, there is no financial risk for club members. To order, contact the Club Leader who sent you to this site.

Our secret for living a healthy lifestyle is to have a personal vision of what radiant wellness means and then to take simple steps every day toward achieving that vision. We help you to do both. It's simple and fun!

The 90 day Challenge

In ninety days you can build some powerful new habits that support you in enjoying radiant health. By creating a Personalized Wellness Plan and connecting weekly (and then monthly) with a friendly, supportive "wellness buddy" (our real secret to success), you will incorporate into your life three fundamentals that matter for your radiant health.



and Nutrition.

Good nutrition includes


and "Smart" Supplementation

Join Now and get our free 4-page "Guide to Eating Superfoods"

Play with your friends and make money by making a difference!

By becoming a club member, you nourish one child in need. By sharing the good news and referring other club members, you nourish more children. If you choose to become a club leader, you can also earn substantial income. To learn about the club's social entrepreneurship strategy, visit www.iFeed5.org.

 Note from the Founders:

We are Glenn and Marian Head. We are not medical professionals. Perhaps more important, we are healthy! No chronic conditions. No winter colds. No flu -- or flu shots. Our bodies' own defense systems are healthy and strong

because we take care of our bodies the way that most people take care of their high performance cars!

A Wall Street Journal article (1/9/2013), reported, "By one study, the 40 million Americans over 65 take an average of eight drugs a day." We are in our seventh decade of life and the average number of drugs we take each day is zero!

We care about our health and yours. We love to share what we've learned along the way that has given us the kind of wellness (both physical and financial) that allows us to fully enjoy our winters living in Kauai and summers living in Colorado. In between we are delighted to travel to visit our 6 grandchildren in Texas and one healthy 95-year old mom in Florida! We are living our dream, and you can too. It all starts with vital health and well being.

All of our club leaders have their own wellness plans. We care deeply about every one of our members and love sharing in your success.

Here's wishing you a radiant life!

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